NPFL Contingency Program

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Big Bite Challenge is offering a contingency program to the NPFL Anglers for Big Bass. ANGLERS MUST SIGN UP AND BE A PAID MEMBER NO LATER THAN 2/23/2022 TO PARTICIPATE.

NPFL Big Bite Challenge RULES:

  • Angler must be a qualified NPFL Angler and a member of the Big Bite Challenge NPFL Contingence program to win the 80% payback contingency money.
  • Anglers receive a 1099 at the end of the season if winnings are over $599.00 and will be required to fill out our Release of Liability Form¬†before checks are issued.
  • All fish must be caught in official NPFL Tournament to qualify.
  • If the Big Bass of the tournament is not a Big Bite Challenge member, then the contingency money will go to the Biggest Bass caught by a Big Bite Challenge member.
  • Angler must display supplied BIG BITE CHALLENGE 5" decal on windshield of your boat.
  • In the event of a Tie, money will be split.
  • Big Bass Payout = $8333.00 per event based on 125 Paid Members.
  • Participants and Disputes
    1. All protests and disputes related to any matter involving the rules and/or the event must be registered with the event director in writing within 15 minutes of the official closing of the scales.
    2. After a protest has been submitted, the event staff decision is final, non-negotiable and not subject to further appeal.
    3. The interpretation and enforcement of the rules will be the sole responsibility of the event director.
BBC Contingency
NPFL Contingency Cumberland Hartwell Watts Bar Saginaw Bay Sandusky Bay Kissimmee
MARK Schlarb
Blake Felix
John Cox
Stuart Martel
Jeff Dobson
Keith Carson
Adam Savage
Douglas Chapin
Jeff Fitts
Brandon Perkins
DJ Evans
Tim Cales
Jeff Hodges
Daniel Blackert
Ryan Satterfield
Jeff Barth
Jason Foster
Ricardo Mitchell
Danny Weems
Tim Wilson
Dustin Perry
Hunter Baughman
Bret Loomis
Darrell Davis
Bobby Lanhan
Kevin Martin
Richard Kee
Ryan Chandler
Michael Catt
Brian Hatfield
Taylor Watkins $6,700.00
Paul Browning
Chris Malone
Kevin Rogers
Craig Saylor
Michael Brewer
Christopher Whisenant $6,700.00
Scott Siller
Chip Harrington
Matt Massey
Jay Cranney
Todd Goade
Jesse Wise
Shawn Murphy
Jordan Nettles
Andrew Luxon
Chad Aaron
KC Choosakul
Angel Rosario
Billy Mathews
Justin Kimmel
Randal Kukral
Ron Johnson
Denis Cameron
James Schultz
Robert Keck
David Gatson
Jason Willimson
Travis Jewel
Timothy Reams
Dustin Smith
Mike Corbishley
Cody Greanery
Dustin Williamson
Ross Rhodes
Lane Olson
Michael Strickland
Chris Kanute
Eddie Carper
Dale Manning
Steven Denmark
Louis Fernandes
Gary Adkins
Joshua McDermott
Cristopher Keeble
David Cooper
Marc Schilling
James Clements
Jason Wilson
William Fletcher
Brandon Clark
Trent Palmer
Josh Teet
John Polasini
Brad Knight
Yoder $6700.00
John Soukup