Tulsa Southside Hookers Contingency Program

Big Bite Challenge is offering a contingency program to the Tulsa Southside Hookers Anglers for Big Bass. Anglers may enter by purchasing the item in the cart below.

TSH Big Bite Challenge Contingency RULES:

  • Angler must be a paid member of the TSH Bass Club and a member of the Big Bite Challenge TSH Contingence program to win the 80% payback contingency money.
  • Anglers will receive a 1099 at the end of the season if winnings are over $599.00 and will be required to fill out our Release of Liability Form¬†before checks are issued.
  • All fish must be caught in official TSH Tournament to qualify.
  • If the Big Bass of the tournament is not a TSH Big Bite Challenge Contingency paid member, then the contingency money will go to the next Biggest Bass caught by a TSH Big Bite Challenge Contingency member.
  • Angler must display the supplied 5" BIG BITE CHALLENGE decal on windshield of your boat.
  • In the event of a Tie, money will be split.
  • Big Bass Winnings = $533.00 per event based on 60 paid members.
  • Participants and Disputes
    1. All protests and disputes related to any matter involving the rules and/or the event must be registered with the event director in writing within 15 minutes of the official closing of the scales.
    2. After a protest has been submitted, the event staff decision is final, non-negotiable and not subject to further appeal.
    3. The interpretation and enforcement of the rules will be the sole responsibility of the event director.



BBC Contingency
TSH Contingency Tenkiller Grand Keystone Hudson Eufaula Grand Tenkiller Ft Gibson TBD
keith allen
Rodney Moyers
Erik Thompson
Brad Tillman
Benny Scott
Cory Wiseman
Marc Barber
Mike Ramey
Freddie Stop
John Campbell
Brett Taber
Majors Jimmie
Steve Jones
Terry Henry
charles moore $360.00 $360.00
Brian Barnes $360.00
Mark Roberts
Scott Phillips $213.33
Brandon Clark
Jack Garrett
Breece Eberley
Cory Wiseman
Kyle Mullins
Jeremy Flynt
Rikki Fjeldsted
Jimmy Wilhelm
Jimmy Fulks $360.00
Chris Bradley
Howard Hobbs
Shawn Armstrong
Robert Barnhart
Dan Mahaffey
Kevin Grizzle
Greg Harris
Brent Brewer